The brand new admirals determine that the rule has been aired from the a great geth dreadnought far beyond their capability to wreck

Shepard finishes the code was Reaper technical, which need to be missing when your quarians should be have danger of emergency. Shepard suggests the guy and you may a group board this new vessel and you will disable brand new rule, putting the latest geth to your distress and buying brand new quarians time for you to make their next step. The new quarians concur and supply Shepard tech support team about mode of the current associate: Shepard’s dated crewmate Tali’Zorah, marketed to help you this lady later dad’s condition centered on the girl experience in the geth.

Coming in in a great pitched competition amongst the geth and you will quarian fleets, Shepard and you can providers panel the newest dreadnought while making their way because of brand new boat, overcoming geth staff to-arrive the newest push center, where the laws will be aired. When you look at the push core is another of Shepard’s old crew, Legion, that has been hardwired to the drive key to help you amplify this new Reaper code.

That have absolutely nothing much more is said, the fresh Reaper “dies”

Legion teaches you that quarian attack drove new geth towards the an enthusiastic alliance on Reapers in order to save by themselves. At Legion’s direction, they turn off the fresh new drive key, freeing Legion from the shackles. In return it disables all protects and you may weapons on board the fresh new dreadnought while the a sign of good-faith. Making the most of the main benefit, Admiral Han’Gerrel deviates from the plan and you may releases a full assault into the dreadnought, aspiring to wreck the fresh crippled geth flagship, no matter what Shepard and you may Tali’s protests that they’re nonetheless in to the.

Immediately after back once again to the newest Normandy and condemning Gerrel’s explanation off their strategies, Shepard requests guidance of Legion. With the headache of one’s admirals, Legion demonstrates to you the dreadnought’s depletion has only severed the brand new Reaper laws on long range; a base to the Rannoch’s surface continues to be shipping the brand new laws within short-range, and geth will quickly endure the fresh new disturbance. Orbital bombardments is actually unthinkable; this new geth provides put up jamming towers that steer clear of the quarian vessels out-of determining the beds base.

Multiple sorties on the Rannoch’s skin try structured in interim regarding determining brand new Reaper signal’s venue: the latest help save of an excellent stranded Admiral Koris, therefore the disabling from geth combatant squadrons fighting the brand new liveships. Shepard initiate the new assault to your code legs whenever its venue could have been calculated, equipped with a targeting beam that will cut-through the latest jamming laws. Legion drops in solamente so you’re able to disorient geth pushes and supply secluded technical assistance.

The plan functions, nevertheless when the latest Normandy bombs the newest code creator, it’s shown to be a good Reaper destroyer. The latest destroyer pursues Shepard and you may providers while they flee in good geth shuttle, once the quarians as well as the Normandy make an effort to bring supporting fire away from orbit. A chance firearms strike about Migrant Collection suggests a faltering part of the latest Reaper’s protections: the shooting chamber are insecure when priming. Utilizing the portable laserlight recommendations system and you will dodging the fresh new Reaper’s periods, Shepard delivers the newest Normandy and you may Migrant Fleet’s guns against the Reaper, sooner or later seriously destroying they.

Shepard along with his squad narrowly escaped the newest boat in the long run

Following its overcome, the poorly broken Reaper and you will Shepard replace barbed terminology; brand new Reaper, taking Shepard of Harbinger’s dysfunction, claims one to Shepard’s resistance into Reapers is pointless, that they are preserving organic life out of a mess and that the fresh new stage must keep when the organics should be protected of exhaustion. Shepard dismisses brand new Reaper’s cautions and you may guarantees it the racing of your own universe will continue to challenge up to ways to overcome the new Reapers is situated.

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